What If We Were Nicer To Each Other?

I want you to try something today (or tomorrow depending on when you’re reading this.) I want you to pay someone a compliment.

Doesn’t have to be anything crazy. It can be someone you know or don’t know. There really are no big rules to this, just pay someone a compliment.

“Hey Karen, that shirt is fab!” is completely acceptable.

You may be like, “uh, okay Marissa, but I do this all the time!” That’s cool and I’m super glad you do. But, I want you to start with one today and make it two the next and then make it a daily objective for yourself to spread positivity around you by complimenting the people surrounding your world.

Think about how you feel when someone pays you a compliment. If that shit happens right at the beginning of your day, it’s almost like a super force field of, “good luck trying to ruin my mood” mood. Someone tells you you’re hair looks on point and BAM confidence boosted, mood lifted, ego slightly inflated in the best of ways. So think of what’ll happen if all of a sudden you’re paying all these people around you, who deserve a compliment, a compliment. Moods UP! Happier people, you feel good for bringing smiles, everyone’s more productive, the company has an awesome year, you get a huge fat Christmas bonus…okay I don’t want to jump too far ahead. But you see what I’m saying right? It starts with something so small and it can snowball into something so great.

And it can all start with you. Ya know how I know that? ‘Cause you are working on educating yourself to living happier by being here with me. That in itself means you’re making some great choices! (Seriously, props to you…keep going!) Keep up the good work and start making some people smile big! If anyone can do it, I know we can

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