Be Your Own Superhero: A Note on Mens Mental Health

I stole this image from the BreakingTaboo ig account to take a second to shine some light where it very needed: Mens Mental Health.

I had asked a question on my own Instagram (@marissaontheradio) story last week, “Could your life be happier all around?”

The response was an overwhelming “YES.” More importantly, over 80% that replied were MEN.

My next question was, “What’s holding you back from your happiness?”

Only Women replied. ONLY WOMEN.

It takes a bit of bravery to take that next step to admit there’s a problem, but, c’mon GUYS, what’s not brave is “manning up.” That’s hurting you, your life, your success, your relationships; everything is not up to where it could be because YOU’RE not where you could be with how you feel about YOU.

Like a sport or an instrument, you feel good and happier with practice and growth. I realize this is something that for centuries MEN have been told to “push it down,” “shake it off,” “be a man,” “men don’t have feelings,”MEN HAVE FEELINGS – ya know why? Because you’re human. No one is invincible. But – you can be your own superhero if you take action and help yourself be your best YOU.

Take the next step and DM me today. It’s time to take care of yourself and realize you’re worth it. Put on your cape and lets get started.

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