You Have to Believe

Did you know if you believe it, it can happen?

I’m not talking about seeing aliens or the Loch Ness Monster, I’m talking about the attainable goals you’re striving for.

It’s all about the vibe you’re sending out into the Universe and the mindset you provide it. They call it “the Success Mindset,” because it really is that powerful. But by it, I mean your brain, what you tell it and what it allows you to feel to send out into the world.

So, example: if you’re someone with a weight loss goal and go into it every day with a positive, confident outlook and telling yourself, “I’ve got this! I’m gonna reach my 25 pound goal!” You’re more likely to reach it. There are obviously more things that need to go into it than just wishful thinking. But, if you’re keeping yourself positive, upbeat and believe you can achieve your goal, you’ll be more apt to do the workouts and make the time for meal prep, etc.

Another example: Lets say you’re up for a job. You really want it, you go in cool, calm, collected and lets throw another c-word in there – confident. You know you’re qualified, you know you bring amazing results, you’re ready for this opportunity and you’re sending those feelings out into the world. Your confidence will help you with the actual interview and the vibes you’re sending are putting the rest in action.

Our energy, like everyone around us is bouncing off of all of us all the time. It’s something we feel without even recognizing what it fully is in the moment. It’s how we feel someones excitement before they even open their mouth. It’s how we sense someone may be attracted to us without even knowing their name.

Your vibe decides.

So what are you dreaming of today and how are you feeling about it? Try it with something small and see what happens.

One thought on “You Have to Believe

  1. I am a Chinese junior high student. I usually set some study goals and try to achieve all of them. This article is very helpful for me for beliving myself and achieving my goals. Thanks for sharing!


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