What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

When you want something so bad and you’re putting in a ton of effort, then see little results, it can be extremely frustrating.

You want the effort to pay off. You want to see, feel and notice the change. But, sometimes, since we’re living it we are the last to see it.

Imagine you’re that person that wants to lose weight. You start going to the gym and eating clean. You’re even logging your exercise and calorie count and being very regimented in your behaviors. You look in the mirror 3 months in and you see the same old youor do you? I mean, hold up for a second. Think about it: if you’re doing all the hard work and you’re truly paying attention to what you’re putting into your body and you’ve been sweating, with sore muscles and all that comes along with it, your body HAS to be changing. The thing is, you see yourself every single day. The changes are happening gradually, but are hidden to your little eye balls. Step on the scale and watch the number go down…look at a picture of you before and put it side by side to one from this morning, you’re going to see your face is a little thinner and your shirts baggier than before.

Positive changes will manifest your positive results, but nothing happens with the snap of a finger. Pounds drop over months of hard work, businesses grow organically when done correctly, pain takes healing and learning to dissipate. The results will happen and it will all be worth it – just make sure that you remind yourself why you started this journey and keep going.

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