What To Do In Isolation

Here we go, starting another week. But not your normal type of kick off, right?

I’ve been chatting with a lot of friends and family about this whole Coronavirus scenario and we’re all just as puzzled as the next person. How serious is it, really? How much should we plan ahead? Should we be panicking? Is this being blown out of proportion?

The one major thing that I’ve realized with all of this Pandemic is this: We Are All Being Effected.

Regardless of your job (or lack there of), regardless of bank account or family status; each and every one of us is going to be essentially “starting over,” when our lives are done being placed on “pause.”

I think it’s important to remember that as we are all dealing with this, we are all dealing with it together. When this is all said and done and people are allowed to work within the office again, schools are back in session, sporting events are back to large crowds and tight scores, we will all be in this together. We will be acclimating back into normalcy, together. We will be rebuilding our communities, together. We will be putting the pieces of our worlds back in place, together.

No matter your current circumstances, the one thing you can be rest assured in is that you are not alone.

Breathe. Take this all day by day. Make smart decisions. Do whatever you can to make sure you and your loved ones stay healthy. Live in the moment with them and enjoy your time together. Smile. Laugh. Don’t swallow up the panic and worry.

Below are some self-quarantine ideas for fun and productivity. Allow this time to be special and not wasted.

The Fun Family/Friends Stuff:

  • Have Your Own Paint & Sip: This doesn’t need to include alcohol when you’ve got small kids involved. But, it’s always fun to get out the art supplies and some paper or canvas and see what you each can create with the same initial ideas in mind.
  • YouTube A Concert: Agree on a band or musician and get to searching. Even some of the crowd recorded footage, when done right can be a fun watch and a lot of full concerts are up for viewing. Turn up the volume, dim the lights and sing-a-long!
  • Family/Friend Photo Shoot: I’m not talking about one of those holiday shoots where the kids are dressed up matching and hating every second of it. I mean, the most random attire, with props and silly make up and fun! Find a plane wall in the house, grab some of your brightest lights and have at it!
  • Board Games Galore! You’d be surprised how many people have tons of games that are just gathering dust. It’s so simple and so much fun.
  • Create A Recipe Together: Okay, this could get a little ugly and disgusting and I don’t want you wasting any food by any means, but maybe have a bit of your own bake off type experience in the kitchen.

Be Productive:

  • Spring Cleaning: The weather has gotten nicer a little earlier this year and now that you’re stuck in the house with nowhere to be, why not take advantage and get into those closets and start weeding ‘em out!
  • Redecorate: We all have that room we’ve been wanting to rearrange or sort of “start over” with. Now’s the time. You might not be able to do the big things like painting right now, but you can get a good start at cleaning up that space and making it into what you’ve always dreamed.
  • Get Ahead On Work: I know, you’re lacking motivation. I get it. But, if you’re like me and have your own home business or have been thinking of starting one, what better time to do the research, watch some videos or start producing your own content for your start up?!

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