Anxiety Tricks During Quarantine

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve had an influx of people reach out in comments, dm’s and emails. Knowing I’m a Life Coach they’re hoping for a quick fix on the stress and anxiety that’s popped up just as quickly as the Coronavirus has spread.

I get it, believe me. We’re all in the same boat and it’s a weird boat to be in.

I’ve done a lot of one-on-one messaging, but I felt like it would be more helpful to get as many tools that I’ve utilized in my own struggles with anxiety to as many people that wanted, within a series of videos.

I’ve entitled them, “The Garage Sessions,” because like you, I’m stuck at my parents house until further notice and it’s the one quiet place I can find with 3-4 people roaming around! (What a weird time we’re living in.)

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