Ya Gotta Have Faith

…and more so, HOPE.

I like to have posts named after songs or song lyrics. Some times it isn’t possible and that’s fine but, today’s felt right.

I’ll admit it hasn’t been easy navigating this new norm. Even the home-bodiest of homebodies still likes to go to a place or two every once and a while! But alas, a trip to the grocery store can be frightening right now.

I know the last food run I made with my Dad, we were determined to not have to go to a big store for a couple weeks at the least. Part of that was to avoid people, obviously, but also it’s a little extra-anxiety inducing just to see so many people walking around Wal-Mart in masks.

It’s like we’re living in a Matt Damon movie and we can’t seem to get out of it.

But, this will pass.

The uncertainty on a timeline has people living in a ball of emotion, understandably, however it’s so important to remember there will be a time after this and we will start to get back to “normal” some time in the near future. With that – allow your HOPE to drive you.

Hope for everything you’re missing right now. Hope for your career to reach new levels. Hope to reach goals that you’re now realizing you have. Hope to that we all get out of this a little stronger, yet kinder; determined, yet helpful to others.

Allow your HOPE to continue to guide you and provide you that push you need to continue each day. Allow your hope to keep you smiling and not falling into a pile of depressed sweats.

What are you HOPEful for?

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