We All Have Our “Team”

Day “seems-like-forever” of quarantine.

This weird state of being that we are all in, at least for me, is starting to feel “normal” these days.

It’s as if I’ve become a teenager again. Except this time around, I’m more educated in a lot of ways, including life; I’ve established a career (even if temporarily on hold); I’ve learned some hard lessons, fought some hard battles, I even have a 401k floating around somewhere. But, here I find myself in my childhood bedroom, now filled with my Dads collectibles, a futon and some scattered boxes that are mine. A portion of my life is here in New York, locked up and quarantined while the rest is basically doing the same, on its own in Boston.

Last night was the NFL Draft, which was exciting for a lot of people, it being one of the only sporting type events we have had in the last couple months. Of course, it got me thinking (a lot of this situation we are all in does) the NFL draft is a lot like the relationships we build in life. Seems like a stretch? Hold up. Let me explain.

When Belichick is getting ready to make his pick of which newbie to add to his Patriots roster, do you think he’s ever just gone, “eh ya know what, he’ll do, I guess.”


He, like all the other teams have gone and done their research. They’ve watch countless hours of college game footage, witnessed it first hand through their designated “go check this guy out” guy, they’ve done their homework to know what their selection can add to their team. This is how you should be handling your relationships in life. Now I’m not saying to pre-stalk someone out and do a lengthy background check. That would be hella weird. What I’m saying is: Take Care in who you surround yourself with. Be aware of behaviors, be aware of actions and if you’re getting back what you’re giving.

A sports team is trying to get quality players to fill out their squad: you want to do the same thing with the people you’re allowing into your life and world. A team wants players that’ll elevate each other; you want to surround yourself with people that will elevate you and who you, too, can elevate.

But, while you’re a player in someone else’s game, you’re the coach of your team. You’re in control of who sticks around and what energy you allow in your space. If someone is making you feel a certain negative way, this is where you can step back, do your research and evaluate if it’s something that can keep that person in your huddle. Our playing season is our life. We only get one. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Ok team, go show ‘em what ya got….annnd break!

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