Keeping Busy, Keep Sane

You might be in the same spot I’ve been: unemployed when it comes to a full-time gig, yet so incredibly busy you suddenly can’t see straight.

I’ve been trying desperately to just take everything day by day throughout this pandemic. With everything constantly changing, phases of opening beginning but threatened to stall and the overall job market being rather, blah, I’ve found myself with not one but three side hustles! Or would they just be side jobs since I don’t have one solid to pay the bills? Whatever, doesn’t matter. What matters is they all just sort of sprouted.

I’ve been selling in the wonderful world of eBay since before I was legally allowed to be selling in the wonderful world of eBay. It was extra spending cash to go out with my friends, it was gas money, it was “I’ve been cramming so hard it’s time for a Wendy’s break at midnight” kinda fund. Nowadays it’s a car payment or a grocery bill, which is nice, to say the least.

Then, as you can see, I started Feel This Happy at the beginning of the year and while my blogging may not be the steadiest because it’s just super hard to find the flow when your own flow is so off the beaten path, I’ve been keeping up with the clients that I’ve had, gained a few more and am constantly helping people via social media. I’ve always been that girl who may not feel 100% herself but can give the best pep talk you’ve ever encountered (also, you’re welcome.)

Then, suddenly, I found something old yet new. I’ve always been a creative person, hell, I went to college for Fine Arts! But, art sort of faded away for me over the years…until quarantine. Me, bored with paints and nothing else to do? Apparently, job #3! I was just posting some stuff to my IG story when people started commenting and loving what I was doing. One request of custom work has turned into another and into another and like that – I’m an artist! I’m not giving Picasso a run for his money, but ya never know what the months will bring. (IG: PaintingsByML)

It’s been a weird few months, I’m to the point where tough living situation type questions need answers and “what’s next?” I can’t be sure – what I am certain of is that Feel This Happy is blossoming into the “go-to” place for just that and it’s been bringing me a smile at some of the roughest points.

I feel sort of lucky to have started this business when I did…people can always use help with mental health, but this year has been an unexpected hard spot for so many, I’m so glad that I can be someone you can lean on.

If you haven’t followed me on socials yet, search for Feel This Happy and please, if you’re struggling, shoot me an email and lets set up a session to chat. No one should have to struggle so hard…lets work through it together.

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