Operation: Goal Accomplished

L-R: Annie (Shannon’s Daughter), Shannon & Marissa

This week we had a BIG DAY!⠀

I started Feel This Happy (Feel This Happy ), my life coaching business, at the beginning of the year with a main goal: to help people. ⠀

When I launched, Shannon was one of the first people to reach out to start sessions with me. She had goals to achieve and was right on course…then the pandemic hit. (I know, you just felt that punch to the gut, too, huh?) ⠀

In the last couple weeks, she’s been getting back on track with a weight loss goal, by eating clean, making positive choices and walking, but the biggest goal was something she thought she would never be able to do: walk up a super steep hill by her condo.⠀

She had tried and had to stop half way to turn back home more than once prior to covid taking over the world. I promised her that when she felt like she had worked to the point she would be able to make it, I would walk that hill with her to reach that goal.⠀

Wedesnday, WE DID IT!

Half way up the skies opened and the rain fell to cool us down and when we reached the top, the bench was awaiting our arrival for a quick rest before heading back down.⠀

THIS is why I started Feel This Happy. To help push you to reach your goals, to hold you accountable, to be here to lean on, to bounce situations off of, to help learn to heal anxiety, to be more in the moment and so much more that’ll help lead you to your happiest! ⠀

I’m so proud of you, Shannon! Keep working on the healthy goals you’ve set out to reach – I know you’ll get there! ⠀

**Want to start your personal one-one-on sessions? If you’re struggling with anxiety, feeling overwhelming, in a toxic environment, need someone to listen and provide an outside view…dm me today to learn more!

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