“I’ll Always Be Stuck”

It’s very easy to feel stuck.

I remember that feeling. I’ve seen others feel that way.

It’s easy to get stuck in the darkness, with a lack of allowing yourself to see the light.

But the thing is, the light is always there. It’s what you allow yourself to focus on. When we get into the dark place, it feels like there’s only darkness. Our brains become attracted to the negative, they find it easier, they block out any light or positive. Then what happens? We sit with it. We feel awful. We see no escape. We think this is all we have in life.

Then I look back on people like my Aunt who was in a domestically violent relationship from the time she was in high school through her final years. Decades went on with no one truly knowing the battles she was facing day in and day out. She was never allowed to learn to drive, no license, no car, no job…until one day she had my Mom teach her how to put the car in drive and stay on the road comfortably. It was the path to getting her on her own. She got her license, she got a job, she saved up, she got out…She had nothing of her own and she ….got…out.

It’s proof that when you make the choice, you CAN. You can have nothing of your own and still find a way.

We are only truly stuck if we continue to tell ourselves we are.

That goes for anything in life. “I’m meant to be overweight with these health issues.” “I’m meant to always be broke.” “I’m meant to be unhappy and unloved.” “I’m meant to be just like my abusive parent.”

We make a bunch of choices, daily, on how we’re choosing to live.

Make the choice today to live your best life and be your best you.

It IS possible to live happily.

Change Can Start Now

When we go to start anything new or make a positive change in our lives – what do we always do?

“Oh, I’ll start tomorrow!”

“I will make a change when the new month starts…”

“I just need to get to Monday”


If you truly wanna make a change, it can start right now…or now…or now.

You never have to wait, you just have to be certain about it and stick to it.Wanna eat healthier? Rid toxicity? Get a handle on your anxiety? Get better at something? Reach a long term goal? Start NOW…and let me help! Check out the website in the pic below and let me get you started on a path you’ve only dreamt of.

Together, we’re stronger. Lets do this!

Grateful Challenge

It hasn’t been the best of years – I know we are all feeling that and with the impending holidays it can feel like everything is being taken away from us.

But the truth is, even if we have to look a little harder one day than the next, there is good in every day.

Some homework for you…now, through Thanksgiving (and further if you choose,) make it a daily plan to write out 3 things you’re grateful for in each day. Post ’em right here in the comments if you feel up to it!

When we start focusing on the good, more of it comes…just watch and see.

I’ll start with mine:

  1. The opportunity to do my own thing
  2. Another warm November day
  3. Waking up next to my pup

That Glass Can Be Overflowing

It’s so easy to take a silly saying that’s always been a thing and think that it’s for real. I’m not saying it’s not – I mean, we all have our days, our moods and sure some times it feels like your glass is half full of optimism or the other way that’s not so fun.

What you need to know is that you’re allowed to feel whatever you’re feeling and moods are always changing. Your cup is 💯 refillable, always! Be kind to yourself and know if you’ve hit a tough moment, it’s not forever…you’ll get through it and your glass can be overflowing like you always dreamed 💙

I would love to help you feel your best and can start right away with your one-on-one personal session! Dm me for more 🙂

Control: Refocus

This is a common thing I say to a lot of people because it rings so true in every aspect of life. If things aren’t in your control, you can’t allow them to control you.

In this moment so many are stressed over the election and the looming results that we may not have until the weeks end. It is stressful and frustrating and your feels are 100% valid!

But, step back from it all and understand that if you voted, THAT is what you were in control of. The outcome itself? You have no way of changing it. You did your part and you can do nothing but hope for the best.

The best thing you can do with that added, anxiety driven energy that you’re feeling is putting it towards something positive. Whether it’s something for you, someone else, for your job, community, etc…but focus that *negative* energy and flip the switch in a positive way!

If I can help you through whatever you’re feeling, at any time – that’s why I started Feel This Happy and I would love to chat. Send me a DM for more or check out the official website to look into the session that may fit you best!

When You’ve Had Enough

It took a while for me to have “had enough.”

Enough of how I was feeling, enough of the toxicity, enough of the fighting, eggshells, anxiousness…I had to WANT the change instead of wishing it would just happen. The reality is that life shouldn’t feel so difficult and it doesn’t have to…if you’re making the right changes.

For me it took one last fight to rid the person causing the toxicity. Then it took focusing on me and making some changes that were uncomfortable at first because of the state of “me” I had become. But, as I did this, day by day I became a little more “me” again and was able to calm my thoughts, I was able to focus more, I was able to enjoy the moments I was a part of…till eventually, I felt whole again.It took me wanting to stop feeling my worst to feel my best. And while it was hard to take that first step and it was hard to make those changes initially, it was harder to stay in the uncomfortable sadness I was in.

Where are you right now? Are you willing to stay there or are you ready for better?

You decide.

I’m a dm away when you’re ready 💙


Have you ever started a day completely anxious, nervous, tense, scared about whatever the day could bring or what could happen in that morning meeting or how someone was going to react to the email you sent late last night?


For real. You 𝙘𝙖𝙣 stop having that kind of reaction when you 𝙘𝙝𝙤𝙤𝙨𝙚 to. Choose to speak more positively to yourself (“I’m doing my best work at my job” “I said nothing wrong in this email and worded it professionally.”) And LET GO of expectations.

When we hold any type of 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬, too high or too low, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. But, when we navigate our days embracing the moments in front of us and going with the flow, watch the joy you feel start to overflow!

Now, go CRUSH this day!

I know you can 🙂

Healing The Trauma

Domestic Violence comes in many forms. Just because a fist isn’t raised or blood shed, doesn’t mean there isn’t trauma that can be everlasting.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month…you’re not stuck, you’re not alone and you can get out, live happily and move forward. I would love to use the negative experience I went through as a positive to help you.

I’m just a message away for more info.

Notice Your Progress

I’ve been discussing this more and more over the last week with clients…notice where you were and where you are NOW.

We’re with ourselves all the time (duh) so, we are less apt to notice the changes in ourselves until someone else says something or something slaps us in the face to point it out.Make sure you notice your progress and always keep going. Hard work doesn’t create massive change overnight. You need to keep putting 110% into yourself to get to the place you want to be, whether it’s mentally, physically or otherwise.

Keep a journal of your reactions to things, people, etc. Record how you’re feeling, what made you feel certain ways, how it’s different from when you started your journey and allow yourself to celebrate your progress.

It’s also so important to remember that if people are saying things like “you seem so much happier” or “you look amazing!” They’re not just saying it to say it! When you’re on a journey of weight loss, as an example, seeing yourself in the mirror every day, you may not notice that 5lb difference, but someone else may be aware that you’ve seemed to tone up and that there was some hard work being put in. Take those compliments and use them to push you harder with your goals!

Visit Feel This Happy dot com and see how I can help guide you from the very start 🙂



It’s a strong word and at first, if you’re like me, you would have equated it to war and thought this doesn’t pertain to me. I truly didn’t think it did as I read the book, “Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence – From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror.”

See, it was 2015 and I had recently gotten myself out of a dangerous cycle of a relationship. I was feeling so out of sorts, like my head was spinning and I couldn’t catch my breath. I knew I needed something for the anxiety I was feeling, so I decided to study up on it. Little did I know, one paragraph in one chapter would change my life forever and begin my healing journey.

“People subjected to prolonged, repeated trauma develop an insidious, progressive form of post-traumatic stress disorder that invades and erodes the personality. While the victim of a single acute trauma may feel after the event that she is “not herself,” the victim of chronic trauma may feel herself to be changed irrevocably, or she may lose the sense that she has any self at all.”


WOW. I read that paragraph over and over and it hit me that the chapter I almost skipped over, the chapter I thought wouldn’t help me at all may have just saved my life! I now knew what I was struggling from: PTSD.

Realizing this was what I was truly dealing with gave me a sense of clarity, understanding and a weight lifted from my shoulders because now? NOW, I knew what I had! And once you know what to “fix” or work on, you can start to heal.

That’s how it started for me. My journey has been going on for 5-years and even lead to beginning Feel This Happy so I can help guide you or someone you love who is struggling to find their happy place like I have.

It takes work, dedication and the true want to move forward but for those who are ready for a change, it becomes the most incredible first step! Feel free to send me a dm and ask whatever questions you need answered. The more I can provide that allows you to know this is the right fit for you, the better ❤