QUICK HITS: Are You Sure You’re Really Social Distancing?

The definition of “social distancing” seems to be a bit confusing for some, so in Tuesdays Quick Hits video, I explain exactly what social distancing is and why it’s so important.

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QUICK HITS: Are You Catastrophizing?

This week I’ve been continuing the Garage Sessions with “Quick Hits,” which are short videos to help identify issues or help ease your quarantine experience.

The first this week was about “Catastrophizing” and how you may be, unknowingly making things more overwhelming for yourself.

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Do Something For YOU

I know, you probably think you’re doing stuff for yourself all day, every day. But, I mean, when is the last time you really stopped and did something that was truly for you: self-care.

That’s on today’s agenda for the Garage Sessions with Feel This Happy and more. The more self-care you do, the better and less stressed you feel – even through quarantine!

Watch What You Consume

Quarantine is an interesting thing.

Being limited with interaction, depending on your living situation, lack of activity, dealing with the limited food and supplies that you have within your home and so on. It can completely send your world in a tailspin and that’s not even including the stress and anxiety you’re already dealing with, with our ever changing world.

Today’s “Garage Sessions” with Feel This Happy includes watching your consumption and why, along with how your breathing can change your world and one thing we all need to really take more advantage of in this time.

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Write It Out, Throw It Out

The Garage Sessions continue for Feel This Happy on how to cope with anxiety and stress during this COVID-19 time.

But what is anxiety? I chat about that, what do to with those mixed emotions over cancelled events/trips as well as how important it can be to lift some weight by writing out how you’re feeling.

Check it out below and share if you feel it’ll help others!

Know Your Triggers

Every single person is dealing with stress and anxiety; some of us it’s nothing new, for others it’s an unfamiliar feeling.

In today’s edition of The Garage Series with Feel This Happy, it’s all about your triggers during this COVID-19 time and learning your bodies reaction to them. When you’re able to pinpoint whats setting you off, you’ll have an easier time avoiding it.

Anxiety Tricks During Quarantine

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve had an influx of people reach out in comments, dm’s and emails. Knowing I’m a Life Coach they’re hoping for a quick fix on the stress and anxiety that’s popped up just as quickly as the Coronavirus has spread.

I get it, believe me. We’re all in the same boat and it’s a weird boat to be in.

I’ve done a lot of one-on-one messaging, but I felt like it would be more helpful to get as many tools that I’ve utilized in my own struggles with anxiety to as many people that wanted, within a series of videos.

I’ve entitled them, “The Garage Sessions,” because like you, I’m stuck at my parents house until further notice and it’s the one quiet place I can find with 3-4 people roaming around! (What a weird time we’re living in.)

Quarantine Can Be A Time For Positive Growth

It’s been a common feeling during this time of quarantine: anxiousness, panic, fear, uncertainty, depression, etc. I completely get it, but I think it’s important to realize, why we’re feeling this way.

We’re all in a place of discomfort. Every single one of us.

This is uncharted territory for every person, no matter the age; for every business, no matter how long they’ve been around; every school, park, library, restaurant…literally everyone. We’re all guiding our way through this time the best way we can.

When I’ve been chatting with clients and trying to ease their minds a bit, I’ve been suggesting a few things that might help you, as well.

First, stop your all-over-the place thoughts, slow down and instead of being so focused on the panic of finances and jobs and having no idea how long this will last, realize this: we are all dealing with the very same things. We’re all getting laid off or are temporarily out of work, everyone’s finances are effected and no one has any idea of how long this situation we’re in could last. What we do know, is we have a lot of free time right now to slow down and catch our breath. It’s what you do with that time that determines your sanity and your future. Plan accordingly.

Which brings me to number two on my list: Get yourself on a schedule and stick to it. We always feel better if we feel routine, feel accomplished and more productive. If you get yourself a scheduled out day to follow, including time to work from home (if you have to do that kind of thing,) schedule times to eat (so you’re not gaining the Covid-19, as I’ve heard it referred to,) schedule times to workout, get on social media, binge some tv, catching up with friends on FaceTime or a call, etc you won’t feel like a lazy blob. Try it out.

I’ve also been recommending taking some time to create a couple lists.
1) An “after quarantine” bucketlist of people you wish you could see, things you wish you could do, restaurants you want to go to, goals you’d like to accomplish, etc. And the moment that we can go back to our norm, you have some work to do in checking each of those things off. Having something to look forward to is so incredibly important, even if we don’t have a date in place of when they can happen.

2) Create a list of things you’d like to accomplish while quarantined that you’ve been putting off. It can be anything from getting your spring cleaning taken care of, rearranging the living room or putting that Lego set together with the kids that you were just too busy before to do…then start checking off the list!

3) Plan for your future. With uncertain times, comes change. Now, I get it, none of us like change. But, everyone that’s ever said “I want a do over!” or “I just wish I could start over.” Guess what? You officially can. Take this opportunity to truly sit down and think of everything you want to do for your career and future. Google the appropriate searches to educate yourself on how to make these goals a reality. Spruce up the resume so it’s impossible for someone to put you in the “no” pile. You may even be able to take online courses in this time to make you even more valuable once we can return to public life. Take this “free time” as a beautiful time to figure life out. It’s all in your hands right now and it’s an amazing feeling if you allow it to be.

Remember, the more we lean on each other and work together through all of this, the easier it’ll be for all of us to bounce back and flourish even greater than before. We’re all in the same boat, together we keep it afloat.

What To Do In Isolation

Here we go, starting another week. But not your normal type of kick off, right?

I’ve been chatting with a lot of friends and family about this whole Coronavirus scenario and we’re all just as puzzled as the next person. How serious is it, really? How much should we plan ahead? Should we be panicking? Is this being blown out of proportion?

The one major thing that I’ve realized with all of this Pandemic is this: We Are All Being Effected.

Regardless of your job (or lack there of), regardless of bank account or family status; each and every one of us is going to be essentially “starting over,” when our lives are done being placed on “pause.”

I think it’s important to remember that as we are all dealing with this, we are all dealing with it together. When this is all said and done and people are allowed to work within the office again, schools are back in session, sporting events are back to large crowds and tight scores, we will all be in this together. We will be acclimating back into normalcy, together. We will be rebuilding our communities, together. We will be putting the pieces of our worlds back in place, together.

No matter your current circumstances, the one thing you can be rest assured in is that you are not alone.

Breathe. Take this all day by day. Make smart decisions. Do whatever you can to make sure you and your loved ones stay healthy. Live in the moment with them and enjoy your time together. Smile. Laugh. Don’t swallow up the panic and worry.

Below are some self-quarantine ideas for fun and productivity. Allow this time to be special and not wasted.

The Fun Family/Friends Stuff:

Be Productive:

Walls Caving In: A Post on Anxiety

Anxiety is tough.

It’s even worse when you’re trying to explain what you’re feeling to someone who doesn’t deal with anxiety. They just don’t get it and quite honestly, can make you feel like you’re crazy.

But wait – if you’re one of the lucky ones, ya know, the ones not suffering from anxiety. I’m not trying to put you down by any means. You’re not intentionally trying to upset anyone and we get that. However, it is so important to try to understand it.

So let’s do this – BOOM, example: You, the non-anxiety ridden human, are going grocery shopping. You have your list and you scoot down each aisle with your cart with ease. You pile all of your items, weaving around other shoppers with a smile and head to the check out line. Your biggest frustration is the line of 10 people in front of you and the time it’ll take to get outta there ‘cause, man, you’re hungry!

Now, picture this: You’re at the grocery store, you hesitate grabbing your cart, with a shaky hand but once you have it you hold it close as a means of protection. You can’t help but hear everyone around you as if they’re on a PA system. You want to grab a bag of salad, but, ugh, there’s a woman in front of that cooler section and she’s taking forever. She grabs a bag and starts to leave and just as you go to make your move, someone else scurries over. You stop. Your insides tighten and twist. You say, “forget it” to yourself and walk around where no one else is, to the first aisle. As you examine the aisle you see three people, you begin to sweat and breathe a little heavier as you slowly push your cart, still close to you with the aisle sides feeling like they’re caving in little by little. 

This happens throughout the entire store. This might seem ridiculous to someone that doesn’t suffer from social anxiety, but this is very much a reality for those who do.

It seems like such a simple task, until it’s not.

The best thing you can do as someone who doesn’t understand, is simply try. Always put yourself in someone else’s shoes and try to feel what they express they feel. Listen. 

If you are that person that suffers from anxieties like this, one of the best things I’ve been taught to try is visualization therapy. Like a meditation, envision the situation that heightens your symptoms. Visualize the most crowded aisle at a grocery store, with loud noises and big carts stocking shelves and many people trying to get through; things have fallen, there’s a kid crying, someone’s making an announcement on the overhead system. 

Now picture it a little less intense. Half the people are in that aisle, half the loud noises, etc. Then do it again…and again.

Now it’s just you. 

Calm. Quiet. You can breathe deep, in and out.

If you practice this therapy and you adjust the time that you go to the grocery store so it’s not at a rush period, you can slowly start to change your bodies fight or flight reactions and be one with the experience.

Try it. Give it a good chance to absorb and take those little steps. Let me know how you feel a couple months in. It’s amazing what a little hard work can do.